“When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do.” – Charles Schwab

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be successful? If you have attended my Maverick Selling Business Builder Bootcamp or my Mindset Mastery Experience, you have experienced what I mean when I say Whatever It Takes with the exercise we do. And as always I say as long as it’s moral, legal and ethical.

Many people say yes to this without thinking of the true meaning.

What Are You Willing To Do?

Are you willing to skip your children or your spouse’s birthdays and anniversaries?

Will you get up early and stay up late creating a new life for yourself and your family?

Will you drop TV from your life?

Will you make the cold calls to find new leads?

Will you skip vacation to attend a training event to further your goals?

Will you stay in to work on moving your business forward while all your friends and family are out having a good time?

Will you ask others for money or other resources you need to succeed?

Will you make one more sales call every day?

Will you reduce your sleep time?

Will you listen to others who have succeeded already and do whatever they tell you to do without questioning why or if it’s a good idea?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, you are putting a limit on what you will accomplish. In fact, if you answered “yes, but…” to any of them you are limiting your results.

When I ask, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes?”, there is no comma at the end when you respond. Only a period when you say yes. If you add the comma, you are limiting yourself. When you limit yourself, you are unable to realize the true, full potential of what you are creating.

Successful entrepreneurs are willing to do whatever it takes when they are working toward their goals. This dedication shows your passion for achieving your result. This ability is what will draw others to you and your goal and is the trait of a leader. Leaders attract others willing to do put forth the same effort. This creates additional leverage to reach your goals faster. Like I always say, when you paint a large enough vision and act accordingly, others will line up to help you get there faster.

Many people have great ideas and big dreams for the future. What will separate the wanna-be’s from the successful is their desire to take any action necessary to create the result they want without the comma. Are you a success or a wanne-be? Will you do whatever it takes from this day forward to remove the limits on your success?

Do It Different!


Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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Business.  It’s everywhere.  Take a look at a shopping mall or a downtown area.  You would see business ventures from big corporations to franchises and even down to small entrepreneurs. Even the things we use for our day to day life are marked with business.  From soap to water to clothes; the list goes on endlessly with opportunity.  Almost every one of us has a dream of starting our own business.  So here are a few tips I want to point out for aspiring entrepreneurs:

1)      Be creative.  Find a business venture that with an unfilled or underfilled demand.  This can be a totally new business that you have seen or encountered a demand for or one which is currently being served in a less than desired way.  Sometimes putting a new spin on an existing idea can be just as powerful as creating a whole new field.  Unleash your creative skills.

2)      Choose a business which interests you or even better, one you feel a passion. You will invest a considerable amount of time in any new business so having one you love will keep you interested and have you feel more fulfilled with the long hours.

3)      Keep it simple.  You don’t need to rent or build a big building right away if you’re just starting your business.  Costs can kill your business early.  Utilities, rent and overhead will drain your resources if you don’t have a strong client base yet.

4)      Tell your friends, family and network about the business you’re starting.  Get the word out as much as possible to all who may be interested or know someone who might be.  Marketing is the key to getting any business up and running.

5)      Manage your resources wisely.  Invest in what you truly need to do business.  Put your resources where they matter.  The bells and whistles can come after the profits.

6)      Get feedback from the clients/customers.  After all it’s their opinion that counts.  Being a small business, you can switch up your approach and handle any challenges quickly.

Here are few more things you will need when you start a business.

  • Guts.   You have to be confident to sell your product to other people. And a thick skin to handle any rejection.
  • Money.  Yes, you need money to start a business. This can be your money or even better, someone else’s money.  Either way you will want to manage your funds well.
  • Location.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your garage or your kitchen.  As long as it’s presentable and gets the job done, it’s a place to start.  After all, those multinational companies didn’t have a building of their own or boutiques when they started
  • Skill.  It takes skill to run a business.  From balancing your checkbook to managing your people, it could be a handful if you are just starting out.  If you do not have a particular skill, find someone who does to handle it for you.
  • Perseverance.  Got turned down first?  No problem.  You must give it another shot.  A business wouldn’t flourish if you quit early.  Happens to everyone.  Look at Donald Trump.  Filed for bankruptcy before but he persevered and managed to get back on top
  • And last but not the least, luck. You frequently hear, “I was there at the right place and the right time”.  This comes from taking the first step and getting into action now.  The more action you take, the luckier you will get!

The bottom line is everyone can run a business.  Take a stroll on a busy street in a bustling city.  You will see people who sell water, food, and flowers right on the street along with the many shops.  Anyone can become an entrepreneur in any number of ways.  You only need an idea and the willingness to act on it.  The question is, will you?

One of my favorite conversation-starter questions to ask people is “What are your plans?” The answer can tell a great deal about a person.

Nearly every time, there’s something in common among those who feel stuck in their current situation, unhappy with one or more aspects of their life, and feeling as though they are going nowhere… they have no plans.

In some cases, it’s simply a case of not understanding the power and presence that plans provide (and in these cases, simple instruction is the answer). Plan setting is a breeze once you understand how to do it.

With other folks, they may understand the power of plans, and they simply haven’t taken the time or effort to set any (or to update their last batch). It’s important to set new plans as soon as you achieve your old ones OR SOONER, otherwise you can lose momentum.

A person without a vision is like a ship afloat on the ocean. Sure, it might be a fun ride, you may get to relax a bit, and the next thing you know, a couple of months have passed and you’re now running out of rations, clean water, sunscreen and sanity.

A ship with a destination in mind travels with passion AND purpose, and becomes unstoppable. When you have clear, concise plans, the Universe can then deliver exactly the clues you require to follow your course and reach your destination.

Don’t wait on inspiration — because inspiration is waiting on you – right now – at this very moment.  Create a vision. Invoke your passion.  Be brave.  Be daring.  Be confident. Have faith.  Whatever you ask for, you can have.  PLAN ON IT!

Finding your passion in life is very important. It sets you on your life’s journey and keeps you strong and motivated, even when times prove difficult.

Some of you have already found your passion in life and are pursuing it daily like I am.  The rest of you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to finding your passion in life. Let me guide you through it a step by step process.

Step 1: Make A Personal Assessment:

If you have no clue where to start, then begin by looking at your strengths and weaknesses. Your skills are a good indicator of what you might be passionate about.

Are you good in drawing? Do you have a hidden musical talent? Explore the things you excel in doing and make the most of your abilities.

Step 2: Find What Makes You Happy:

Finding your passion in life is easy when you know what things make you smile. Are you at your happiest when you’re swimming or playing basketball?

If your answers coincide with your answers in Step 1, then you’re on the right track. If they don’t, then let’s delve in deeper.

Step 3: Review Your Search Engine Bar:

Another way to find what makes you tick is to check out the things you’ve been reading about online. Look at your browser’s history for evidence.

Are you always looking at book reviews or perhaps at fashion blogs? What you spend time online on can tell a lot about you.

Step 4: Ask Yourself:

The most straightforward way to finding your passion in life is to simply ask yourself that question and list down as many things as possible.

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think about your passion in life? These words will be your clues, if not outright answers, to your question.

Step 5: Give It A Shot:

Not sure yet – even with all the previous steps?  If you have semi-concluded that your passion in life is knitting sweaters, then what’s stopping you from pursuing it?  Of course, I wouldn’t advise you to quit your day job and gamble everything on sweaters.  Just dip your foot in the water and see how it goes.

Finding your passion in life is as easy (or as complicated) as you want it to be. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to find it either, since the journey there is half the fun. You might be surprised at just how much you can learn while trying to pursue your passion.