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Would you like to earn some quick cash along with some future income just by spreading the word about the great products we offer?

You are in the right spot to do both with the Paul Finck Affiliate Program.

You are able to earn at least 10% of the total investment from anyone you refer to one of our products. Now we say at least since we do have programs which will pay you a higher amount. Sound good to you?

Now we want to make our affiliate offer even better for you since we know it takes work to get your contacts to move forward. On top of the awesome affiliate payouts we offer on the initial investment your referral makes, we also make sure you are listed as the referring affiliate for all future investments they make. This gives you the opportunity to keep earning from one referral as they continue to step up their work with us including through all of our coaching and mastermind programs. Their literally is no limit.

Case Study: Julie enrolls as a Paul Finck Quantum Leap Affiliate. Julie shows the Chain Breakers Club to her friend John. He loves it and enrolls immediately for $39/month. Julie gets paid $30 as soon as John’s first payment is made.

Now John receives tickets to the Mindset Mastery Experience event as part of his initial investment. He attends the event and loves it! He has decided to move forward with one of Paul’s coaching programs for $6,000. Julie will then receive another check for $600 once John has paid in full for the program.

As you see, Julie did the work once and makes a nice affiliate commission of $630.00 for introducing John to us. And the best part is, there are many other programs John could still invest in and create additional commission for Julie. Exciting, right?

To join Paul’s Quantum Leap Affiliate Program, just fill out your information in the form below.