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Interested in having someone help guide you along your journey to the life of your dreams? Are you looking to learn from your questions and from other’s questions at the same time? Would you like to quantum leap your results to achieve your goals faster and with less pitfalls?


One of the best ways to accomplish these exact desires is by participating in a group coaching program. Group coaching is very effective for those who are just getting started on their journey. It allows you learn from others in the group who are at different points in their journey to the success they want.

Group coaching is a great way to work on multiple areas of your life at the same time because you will get to interact and hear others who are working on the same type of goals. Often you get to have questions you aren’t even aware you will have answered before you encounter them.

In The Maverick Millionaire’s group coaching programs, you will have the opportunity to receive great training on a variety of business and personal development topics.

Would you like to get answers to your specific questions too? This is another key part of our group programs – the opportunity to ask every question you have in multiple different formats.

The Maverick Millionaire team supports you in every way we can from our training calls to our question and answer calls to our proprietary project management software to 24/7 email access to your team of coaches.

While you are part of a group, we ensure you are supported like the individual you are. Each person requires different training and support to achieve their specific goals.

Take a couple minutes to fill out the form below about what you are looking to accomplish in your life. One of our coaches will give you a call to help you with what you are looking to accomplish.