“It ‘s no use saying, “We are doing our best.” You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” – Winston Churchill

Have you ever heard someone say “We are doing our best.” when another person asks for why the results are less than expected for a project?

Was that reason accepted for falling short of a goal?

As a successful entrepreneur, I know there are 1 of 2 things which I get at the end of an action step – either a result or an excuse. Which do you think I classify “We are doing our best.” as among these two options? You guessed it – an excuse.

As the business owner, the best someone has may still fall short of what’s needed to accomplish the task at hand. What do you do then to reach your principle target? You must do whatever is necessary to be successful. It’s the only way to get where you want to go and lead your team to accomplish action steps they never knew could happen.

Often doing whatever is necessary will mean stretching and growing the skill sets of your current team members needed to achieve the expected level. This could be through education or even just the on the job experience of rising to the challenge to find and develop the skills needed. As this is accomplished, the person ‘s “best” when they made the original statement is now a distant memory in their rear view mirror of life as they have established a new best.

You can also use your resourcefulness to find others who are able to help you achieve you goal. This could mean more assistance for your team by adding additional team members. It could mean different team members with more specialized skills to accomplish a particular task. It could mean reaching out to mentors and coaches to get needed input on ways to handle a particular challenge. Whatever it is, do what is necessary to achieve your expected result.

Adopting the mindset to do whatever is necessary is a keystone for your success in your life and your business. You will go back to it repeatedly when the challenges popup. You must do whatever is necessary and find ways to reach your goals. It is part of breaking the chains which have held you down. Accepting anything less sells you, your family, and your business short.

Do It Different!


Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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Hey everyone, Paul Finck here, the Maverick Millionaire, founder of the Maverick Selling System, and author of How to Become a Sales Maverick and Double Your Income.

I want to talk to you today about being a maverick. I’ve been told that I’m a maverick, and so I grabbed a hold of it, and became comfortable in that reference, became comfortable in that skin.

People have been sending me articles, sending me information about what it really means to be a maverick.  There is tons of research on it to the point where Time Magazine did an article not that long ago, about, making sure you have mavericks in your business; that you have mavericks on your team.

No matter how important it is to be a team player, and to build a community, it’s just as important, and sometimes even more important, to make sure that you’ve got those highly creative people right next to you creating the amazing results to make your company move to a whole another level.

People like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; these people are innovators, especially when they started off. They created an innovation that transcended their industry, transcended what was going on at the time, to create amazing results. They stepped outside of the box. I want to talk to you about what this particular article, and what other research has shown me as some of the Top 10 Core Traits of Being a Maverick and creating that greatness.

  1. You’ve got to be innovative, independent minded, individualistic. Not only look for that in yourself, look for that in other people on your team. You want them to be thinking on their own, and that way they can create a magnitude of results in a short period of time, simply by trusting their gut and moving forward.
  2. Mavericks are completely goal-focused, and I do mean completely goal focused. They create a goal and they go after it, regardless of anything else around them.
  3. They achieve success through risk taking. Taking risks, stepping outside of the box if you will.
  4. Breaking the rules. They absolutely, to step outside the box, they’ve got to break the rules.  When they’ve got a rule book, assume they’re going to break it; assume they’re going to step beyond those boundaries. Yet, when they do that’s when opportunity strikes.
  5. Mavericks are open to experience. What do I mean by that? They’re open to just enjoy, experience, test out new things. Whatever they haven’t done before, they’re willing to do right now, just to do it, for the sake of doing it.
  6. They’re also willing to stand their ground. Sometimes they’re called argumentative. Sometimes they just don’t fit in because they’re disagreeable. It’s because they have this willingness to stand their ground. When they know something is right, when they know it is true in their gut. When they know that is the direction we all need to be moving in, they will not falter, they will stand their ground and drive everyone to that same conclusion.
  7. They will move forward regardless of criticism. Regardless of other people being by their side, regardless of whether you decide they’re right or wrong, a maverick will move forward. They will not be faltered, they will not be halted by other people saying, “This can’t be done”, “you’re doing it wrong”, “you’re moving in the wrong direction”. They will absolutely grab a hold of that and go, “I got it, and I’m going for it anyway”. “I hear you and I’m going for it anyway”.
  8. Here is what’s interesting, they have low worriness factor. They don’t worry about consequences.  They don’t worry about failure.  They don’t worry about doing it wrong. They simply are moving forward regardless. That worriness factor, or being neurotic about it isn’t in the equation, and the lower that is, the higher their ability to be a maverick is. They just don’t get that anxious feeling in their body and in their soul.
  9. Mavericks are obviously highly creative. That probably should have been number 1. Highly creative in what they do. They’re always looking for the way it hasn’t been done before.  Let’s test it out. Maybe that’s the new way to do it.  They’re looking for the alternatives.
  10. They persevere. Mavericks never, ever, ever, ever give up.

Those are the top 10 that I have experienced and that I have seen, that help me to be a maverick, and might help all of you to do the same.  Not only embrace this for yourself, also look for it in your team members, because the more of us there are, the more we have a chance of changing the world.

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Are you struggling with time management? If you’re busy all day long and yet feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, not exactly accomplishing what you know are the key things you need to accomplish to bring in more income, have a better lifestyle, and create more time in your day, you will benefit from learning time management skills.

Are you:

    • overwhelmed?
    • stressed?
    • not accomplishing your goals?

I have the solution in 5 simple steps that you can apply to your day to create magnitude and really maximize your time. These are 5 things that you can do to clarify how to take care of your time so it is being used to its highest and best use.

Step 1. Start writing things down. It’s not possible to remember every detail and priority. Create an action step and a to-do list. I suggest you create it the night before for the next day. Today you want to write the list that what you’re going to do, the action steps you’re going to accomplish for tomorrow.

Step 2. Once you’ve compiled your to-do list, you’ll need to prioritize it. Label it A, B, and C. 1, 2, and 3.

All the ‘A’ items are urgent and important income producing activity – activity that’s going to drive you to your dream life. You’re going to label everything that’s that included in that category as an ‘A,’ and you’re going to go through and label it A1, A2, A3, A4.

You’re going to do the same things with ‘Bs’, the same thing with ‘Cs, and then you’re going to start your day by attacking item in order, number ‘A1,’ then you’re going to go to ‘A2,’ et cetera. That’s how you’re going to get the most done in your day, and make sure that your day is filled with doing the most important things first.

Step 3. This step is so important because now that you’ve written it down and prioritized it, you need to get focused. One thing at a time. The idea of multitasking is a myth. Studies have proven that you are not really multitasking, you’re simply jumping quickly from one thing to another, which wastes time. Stay focused on one thing at a time. To focus, you must commit yourself to the task at hand. You literally need to say, “This is what I’m going to be doing right now, and nothing else.” Once it is accomplished, refer to your list and then move on to that item. As you’re going A1, A2, A3, just simply follow the list and get it done.

Step 4.  An important element in focusing is a technique called time blocking. When there are multiple tasks on your list you need to block out time in your schedule. For example, maybe you want to clean out the garage or you want to make those calls to your specific target audience. You may be following up on your leads, or maybe you’re taking care of your taxes and paperwork on your computer. Whatever the task is, block out time in your schedule.

Maybe it’s Monday and you’re planning your week, you want to block out Wednesday morning from 9 to 10:30. That block of time is only going to be used doing returning emails. From 3 to 4, you’re going to be making phone calls to follow up clientele. Whatever the case is, you want to block out sections of your calendar. Do this for your entire week. By scheduling chunks of time to focus on those priorities you’ll accomplish them more easily.

Step 5. This step trumps everything else, because when you do all the other items and you forget this one, well you’re still going to get pulled off track. Number 5 is guard your time. It is the number one resource you cannot replace. Time is your number one resource and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Protect it. Protect it as you would protect anything else of value in your life.

During your day, there will be occasion for interruptions. If someone calls you up with an emergency, make sure it’s your emergency, not just theirs. When you’re interrupted, make sure to communicate that you’re focused on your one thing, or you’ve got a time block, and the time block for interruptions is Friday afternoon, maybe. Absolutely protect it. Be clear. Work your schedule and let it guide you as to what you’re going to be doing every single moment of every day. Guard your time.

We have 5 simple steps. 5 steps that you can do to absolutely get clear with your time, so that you absolutely make sure to manage your time effectively to get everything that you want done.

    1. Write it down. Make sure you’ve got that list of Action items in front of you.
    2. Prioritize those action items so that you know what to be doing first, second, third.
    3. Next you want to take one thing at a time, so one item off of that action item, focus on it, get it done.
    4. In your schedule absolutely create time blocks for those major projects that you want to accomplish.
    5. Guard your time with your life so that you actually get done, and get led to the dream life that you know you want.

These are 5 techniques that you can utilize to manage your time more effectively. Use them, let me know your comments and questions on them, because I want to make sure that your sales are getting closed, and your business thrives.

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Ever been in that situation where the client is closing the door in your face; where you know the sale is lost and you absolutely are not getting this client?  Absolutely, the prospect says no, no, no 100 times? 

I’m going to give you 5 great techniques where you can save that sale.  Where you can actually get back in the game and make sure that you’ve got another chance at closing that client.

1. Pre plan. Make sure that you’ve got a few different alternative closes. You should prepare a few alternative reasons why they should be purchasing from you. These are not just the standard ones, but a few deviations from that, so that when all else has failed, you start pulling out some major aces. Imagine it as if you have a utility belt, and all of these pieces that I’m talking about are all other pieces in your utility belt that you can use to attack this challenge. Absolutely, have the arsenal, have the alternative plans already.

2.  First of all, start packing up, start getting ready to go. It relieves the stress from them, where they know you’re not attacking them anymore, you’re not closing them anymore, you’re gone and they can relax.

Just as they’re relaxed, I want you to ask them, as you’re packing up your bags, ready to go, “Listen, Mr. Client, could you do me a favor?” Man, they’re happy to see you go, they’ve been strained this whole time, so they’re going to do whatever you ask. They’re going to say, “Of course, yes.” You’re going to say, “Would you please tell me what I did wrong? Tell me why you didn’t close? Why you didn’t buy in other words. Because it’s not for you, I just want to know so I can help the next guy, so I can help myself and help the next guy really get clear with what’s good with my program or my package and my services and help them out better.”

They will give you the answers, and what happens more often than not, is that they end up talking their way out of saying no. They actually talk their way into saying yes, simply by going through all of the things that you might have done wrong, and realizing how beneficial this product or service may actually be for them. Step number 2, absolutely, ask them what you did wrong, and they will tell you clearly and sell themselves.

3.  How many times is the client going to get you out the door by telling you, “I’m going to think it over.” Here’s what I want you to do whenever they say, “I’m going to think it over.” Realize it’s a lie, they’re never thinking it over, they’re not thinking about it one iota past the time when you leave that room. They’re done with the whole process, they didn’t want to tell you. Absolutely act as if that is a misnomer, it is a lie, it absolutely is meaningless, and just continue moving the conversation forward, bringing back some of these other techniques, going back into the reasons why they should be saying yes, why this is a great product or service for them. Understand that their idea of, “I’ll think it over,” is never to be thinking of it again. Consider it a lie and move forward accordingly.

4.  For some people this technique takes a little bit of a humility stance, because in technique number 4, I want you to accept all the blame. Do this by saying, “I must have done something wrong. I am so sorry, it’s all my fault that you didn’t understand the value and the benefit of doing service with me. Let me explain it one more time,” which just gave you permission to go through it again. Accept the fact that you didn’t do your job and express it to them, and they will give you the permission to go over it one more time, all over again. “I made a mistake, I must’ve done something wrong, it’s all my fault, let me explain it so that we’re both really clear.” Then you go through it again.

5. This technique is a doozy. We used to call this the Columbo close. There was a show, years ago, (maybe I’m aging myself) called “Columbo”. In it he was a detective, and he’d always have the murder suspect right on the edge, where he was in their presence and they thought they’ve gotten away with it, they’ve gotten away with the crime of the century, and this bumbling detective had no clue that they were actually the one that did it. He would let them think that, again, their guard would go down, and he’d be closing everything up and saying his goodbyes, and he’d go towards the door, and he’d have one hand on the door, opening the door just slightly, and then turn to the murder suspect and say, “Oh, by the way, Tuesday night, weren’t you at …” and he’d let go of this ace of a killer that would let the murder suspect know that they were caught.

We call this the “by the way” close, and the same technique can be utilized over and over again in your sales process. As you’re closing everything up, as you know this is a lost sale and there’s no chance that they’re going to buy from you, head to the door, put one hand on the door, and turn to the prospect and say, “By the way, do you realize the value or the benefit? Do you realize the magnitude of how much you’re losing by not taking action today?” You can go through the features or benefits of your product, your service one more time, utilizing that by the way close, letting their guard down, and one last time going through exactly why they should be your best client.

These are 5 techniques that you can be utilizing when you know this is a lost sale, when you know that the client is never going to buy from you.

Number 1, alternatives. Absolutely have an arsenal of alternative closes, an arsenal of alternative reasons why they need to be a client of yours.

Number 2, you want to be talking about, “Would you do me a favor?” Asking them for help on your next sale, and they’ll sell themselves.

Number 3, when they say, “I’ll think it over,” do not believe them. Stay and process, stay in the game.

Number 4, accept the understanding that it’s your fault, and express that to them, “It must be my fault that I’ve done something wrong,” and go through all the reasons why they should be a client of yours.

Number 5, “by the way” close. “By the way,” just as you’re leaving, and one last ditch effort to save that sale.

These are 5 techniques that you can utilize to save that lost sale. Use them, let me know your comments and questions on them, because I want to make sure that your sales are getting closed, and your business thrives.

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Hi, Paul Finck here, founder of the Maverick Selling system, and author of “How to Become a Sales Maverick and Double Your Income.”

Are you struggling with how to develop your business? How to grow it, and increase your income? I’m going to show you 3 tasks that you can be doing daily to double your income over the next 12 months.

Are you looking to increase your sales, increase your income, create more, actually double your income in the next 12 months? I’m going to go through 3 key tasks that you can be doing right now ~ daily ~ to create those results for you. Most people look at how to increase their business and how to increase sales, and they begin to think about the core ways they will increase the number of clients they have, or maybe ways to lower their expenses. Maybe they will sell more to the same people. These are all great tactics and strategies I can go into other times in more depth. However, the key tasks for you to do NOW; what you can do right now, DAILY, to really develop and create that double your income results that you’re looking for. This is what you need to do.

Step 1 ~ Absolutely focus in on what is your income producing activity (IPA). What is the number one thing that you know brings in more income; brings in more sales. The activity that you know you should be doing that maybe you’re not doing every single day to make that happen. I want you to make sure to write it down and to focus in to make sure that that is the ONE thing. If you do nothing else in your day, that’s the one thing that you do every single day. That number one activity that is your income producing activity that produces the highest results, highest paid use of your time. Focus in on that one thing every single day.

Step 2 ~ I told you about writing down your income producing activity. THE activity ~ THE task that you’re going to do. Well, the second thing you want to do is make sure that you’ve got everything written down. What I mean by “everything” is your goals and your tasks. Every single day you should be looking at what your goals are for the year ~ what your goals are for the quarter ~ what your goals are for the month, ~ what your goals are for today. When you look at that, it means you have it written down, you’re looking at it, and you’re activating your brain and your consciousness, your unconsciousness, and all your energy into making it happen. Make sure to write down your goals, read them every day, utilize them to empower you to move forward.

Step 3 ~ This is the killer. This is the thing that you know you’re supposed to be doing and yet I guarantee you just statistically that you’re not or at least you’re not doing it consistently, and here it is ~ Follow through. Follow through with all your prospects. Follow through with everybody that you said you were going to follow through with. Everyone that you know you’re supposed to be following through with. All those people that want in your business, want to engage with you in either your products or your service, and yet you dropped off the face of the earth. You didn’t follow up. You didn’t follow through. You didn’t contact them just one more time. Pay attention. One more connection will double your sales.

Statistics have it that most people, most salespeople, most business people will follow up one maybe two times. You follow up a third time to a fourth time you will absolutely double ~ absolutely double the results you’re getting! There’s nothing else you need to do. Absolutely, I want you to pay attention. Do one more follow up with every prospect and you will double your business.

Those are the 3 steps I want you to do:

    • Step 1: Absolutely pay attention to your income producing activities every single day;
    • Step 2: Absolutely write down your goals and read them every single day; and
    • Step 3: Absolutely follow up with each one of your prospects just one more time

Do these three steps and you will:

    • Double your business;
    • Double your income; and
    • Create the results that you’re looking for.

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Hi. Paul Finck here, founder of the Maverick’s Selling System, and author of, “How to Become a Sales Maverick and Double Your Income.”

Are you new to sales?

Trying to figure it out?

Haven’t quite gotten the traction that you’re looking for?

You want to increase your results?

I’ve got 4 simple steps that anyone just getting going will absolutely be able to apply and implement immediately to create double, to triple your results in sales right now!

I want to really get clear. You’re brand new to sales. You’re looking to figure it out. Maybe it’s your own business. You’ve got the manager breathing down your neck. Here’s 4 key components ~ 4 tips ~ of exactly what to be doing so that you can increase your results and create everything you want.

Step 1 ~ absolutely track your actions, not your results. What do I mean by that? So often, I hear, “Well, my goal is…“, “My target is…”,  “My level of sales I need to achieve is…”, what follows is the actual number, which means, “Oh, I need $5000 in sales this day” or “this week”. “I need to create so many new clients.” Those are results driven. You wake up in the morning, and you are not sure exactly what to do, because the results aren’t really what you’re supposed to be taking action on. It’s your action steps for the day that should be your focus. What I want you to do is to begin to track and pay attention to simply what you must be doing, and the results will take care of themselves.

I remember when I was in dental sales, for instance, I knew I wanted to knock on 25 new doors every single day. I knock on 25 new doors, I will absolutely get the sales I want and reach the levels I’m looking for. That was my number. I hit 25, and I’d pat myself on the back. When I am at 20, what do I do? I simply hit another door. I would knock on 1 more, 2 more, 3 more, and keep going until I hit the number that I was looking for, that I was tracking for with my activity every day. Absolutely ~ track activity, not results.

Step 2 ~ as a new sales person, you are nervous. You are shaking. You get in front of a client and you just start vomiting at them. You start delivering everything that you have learned about your product, or service. You say everything that you know. Wrong. You should Shut up. Simply listen more. Talk less. Ask more questions. Engage them more in conversations. Let them talk more. When they talk more, they love you more. When they love you more, they buy more. Absolutely listen more than you talk. Key component for new people in sales. It will deliver results for you. Pay attention.

As you’re listening, make sure that you are listening for the needs and the wants of your client, because that’s what you want to deliver as your solution. When you do,  it will mean that they’re going to buy your product or service. That’s the solution you’re offering. Make sure that that solution is matching their needs and their wants. That’s what you’re listening for. When you are quiet, and you’re asking questions, engaging them, you’re listening for the needs and wants, so that you then can respond with a solution that fits them.

Step 3 ~ This is a biggie. When I am actually in the role of the client, or the prospect for someone, and they’re looking to engage me in the sales process, I’m always amazed at how few people ask for the order. You have got to ask.

    • You want to deliver results?
    • You want to create new business in your life?
    • You have got to ask for the order!

Ask for the order is step three. Ask for it soon. Ask for it often.  Ask. Ask. Ask.

What does that look like? It actually means, “So, are you ready to get started today?”. “Here is the price of what it’s going to take for us to get going. Can I have your name and address?” “We can just start filling up the paper work right now, and get you started on achieving the benefits that you’ve already said you desired.” All these are questions asking for the order; asking them, the client, the prospect, to take action, so important. You want to be asking soon, often, always.

Step 4 ~ You have just asked for the order. Now, it is time for you to get comfortable with silence. Complete silence. You ask for the order, and you say, “So, are you ready to get started today?” and Shut up. Don’t say another word. Be silent. That pregnant pause, if you will; That pause will last for an eternity when you are brand new in sales. You will think the world has stood still. You will be standing there. They are waiting for you to say something. Maybe they are, maybe not. You’re going to out-wait them, because whoever speaks next will absolutely be the one who creates the scenario which dictates who gets what. You want to absolutely shut up. Don’t say anything else once you ask for the order. Let them respond first. You will create the desired results you’re looking for. Just Shut up.

The 4 tips are absolutely:

    • Track your actions;
    • Listen up for their needs and their wants, their desires, so you can deliver them;
    • Ask for the order, and;
    • Shut up when you ask for that order.

To create all the results that you’re looking for as a brand new sales person to be able to double and triple your income, stay tuned. This information will create it for you.

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WOW – I guess I am a “Maverick” – the response to the question I asked through social media has been amazing both online and off line. 

People from my personal life and my professional world have all come back with the same response – “absolutely” ~ “no question” ~ “you always have been” ~ “no kidding you are a Maverick, you have bucked the system your whole life”. 

I think back over my 30 year career and realize that is the one word that would define it all … from the very beginning! My first job out of college was a salaried position with a small bonus for sales completed… I quit after 7 weeks to go to the competition who paid straight commission!

With that position, I grew fast and within 6 months had my best friend working for me.  I figured out my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses!

I was good at opening new accounts and yet had challenges with follow through.  Instead of beating myself up or looking to spend time changing so I could grow to mediocre in the follow through department, I brought in someone who was GREAT at follow through.  What a great experience we had building it up as a team… which just was NOT done by any of my peers.

Then – the company I was working for was forced out of business (by the Feds ~ longer tale for another day).  Instead of ignoring the obvious or crying over the loss of a job or position like most of my co-workers, I saw an opportunity. 

Within 2 weeks had my first major company launched.  Because I took action (a Maverick move compared to the actions taken by all around me), the TOP salespeople all came to work for me. Remember these were senior, straight commission salespeople and I was a 22 year old playing CEO for the first time.  In 6 months, we did over $500,000 in gross sales.

Over the years, I have owned more businesses that I can remember; Stepped up when others didn’t; Took action while others watched; Took the road less traveled; Dared to test out a theory and take the BOLD move; and simply learned to dance to my own beat. 

Thirty years now with a Serial Entrepreneurial life… and lifestyle;

30 years of being told to get a real job;

30 years of people saying “that isn’t going to work”;

30 years of people commenting on my behavior and not quite getting what I was up to;

30 years of consistently taking “risks” they wouldn’t take;

30 years of bucking the status quo.

SO I am a Maverick! What has it gotten me…

A life long career of experience that has given me a long, varied and impressive resume. 

Freedom to work out of my house for decades and Time to enjoy my family. 

Financial Power … now this is different from Financial Freedom I hear so many wish for.  Financial Power is active and passive income that is produced on your terms with NO “strings” to tie you in knots.  Financial Power truly enables me to do what I want, when I want, and how I want… I have created Financial Power now and for the rest of my life.

SO I am a Maverick!  Who wants to be a Maverick with me???

And this gives me an idea.  Stay tuned.  I know you are going to love what’s coming next…

You strive to be an effective leader. You are told you are to be perfect and be a role model for all around you. Then WHY do you make these mistakes?

Leadership is an art form. Even though some people are “born” leaders, it is an attribute that can be learned. To be a truly effective leader, sometimes it is more important to know what not to do than what to do. Clean up these common challenge areas, and you will be stepping into true leadership position.

Successful Leaders do not make the following mistakes:

1. Get “Power Hungry”

Do you know a “leader” who abuse their position and their power. Someone whom says and does crazy things that you know they do just because they can?

This behavior eats away at their authority and their personal connection with their team and organization. Over time people will come to resent this behavior and do whatever they can to tear this person down instead of working to build them up.

When you’re one of these types, learn to eliminate your “EGO” or at least check it at the door. Build teams, NOT dictatorships.

2. Can’t or Won’t Delegate Responsibility

Have you seen people in position to create amazing things and yet get stuck because they must do everything themselves. I used to be that person and it held me back for decades.

And even when they do let go they do it in a demotivating way. ”I empower you. But you must check with me before you do anything substantial.” In this way, they never really give up the power and thus handcuff their people in the process. Do this consistently, and your team will be as de-motivated as they come.

Have faith and confidence in your people. Allow them to do their job and even make mistakes. That’s how they will learn and empower the whole company.

3. Lack of Industry/Product Knowledge

Nothing is scarier than when a person in authority (maybe a sales rep or technical person) is speaking with a customer and they don’t know what they are talking about!

What happens when that person is a leader of a whole team or division? Poor results, or worse total collapse of the company all the way around.

Be an expert in your field and spend whatever time is necessary to master your products, services and industry that you’re involved in.

4. Unwilling to Lead By Example

“Do as I say – not as I do.” That statement is not good enough and never was! To be a great leader, you must be willing to get your hands dirty and show your people how it’s done.

I stepped up my game when I became a dad, and realized my children were watching me for subtle clues as to how they are to behave. It takes the idea of role model to a whole new level. Say what you are going to do. And do what you say. That’s what true leaders do.

5. Unwilling to Adapt to Change

Sorry folks. Change is inevitable. It will always be there and it will always happen. More importantly, it is the societies, companies, and individuals that learn to empress change, and change regularly that survive. The rest will perish.

You must be willing to accept that things will always change, and you must be willing to make the best of it. When you can do that, and do it with integrity and a positive frame of mind, you are on your way to becoming a top-notch leader.

6. Won’t Accept Others’ Ideas

The next step of learning to accept help is to accept ideas as well. You must be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. It is through this collaboration that innovation and breakthroughs happen.

When you are stuck on it being “your way or the highway”, you are doomed to failure. The willingness to hear, accept, and use others ideas entirely or integrate their ideas into your own, is one of the guiding principles of true leaders.

Start listening to the ones around you with an OPEN MIND, and success is sure to follow.

7. Blaming Others

The blame game. Finding fault. Pointing fingers at others. This is an entire subject all it’s own.

When you desire to be a great leader you must learn to be the living breathing personification of “The buck stops here!” You must take 100% personal responsibility for all you do.

To be a true leader is to be fallible; to be imperfect. “Sorry, I made a mistake and it won’t happen again.” is one of the most empowering phases you can learn as a true leader. People hear this so seldom they will not only take note, they may even be moved to do even more for you because of your honesty, integrity, and obvious exhibition of leadership qualities.

8. Selfish, Anti-Team behavior

The power of the organization is the power of its team. You are as weak as your weakest link… not your strongest. To be a true leader show understanding of these principles by watching out for ALL your team members. Always have their back. Always look out for their best interest.

They will notice and in turn, watch yours. When this happens throughout a team (because the leader showed the way), the strength and power of the team is unstoppable.

9. Share the Credit

All to often you hear people in authority act as if they are the sole reason something was invented, thought of, or done a certain way. This is never the case. Success always comes from a collaborative effort and as a true leader it is your job to make sure the credit is shared to that end.

To be the ultimate leader, don’t simply share the credit… give all the credit. When you do, your strengthen the organization and build you all to new heights.

10. Surround yourself with the best

Tom Osborne, the tremendously successful former head coach of the University of Nebraska football team, once said that his key to success was surrounding himself with good people and allowing them to do their job.

To be an awesome leader and to achieve ultimate success as such, you must surround yourself with the best. People who are better than you even.

Now for too many this is a challenge because it means letting go of your ego, letting go of your need to get all the credit, letting go of your desire to be right. It means living and breathing as a leader daily.

You must have the confidence in the people around you to let them do their job, let them have the power to make mistakes, and the power to correct them, and know when to step in and when to step out. Know they are the best and that is why they follow you.

Live these lessons and watch your organization grow. Live these lessons and be proud of the leader you have become.

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